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局長 Director-general
副局長 Deputy Director-general
秘書 Secretary
慢性病防治所 Chronic Disease Control Institution
全縣20鄉鎮市衛生所 20 public health centers  in the cities and townships within the county
疾病管制科 Disease Control Section
衛生企劃科 Planning Section
醫政科 Medical Affairs Section
藥政科 Pharmaceutical Affairs Section
保健科 Health Promotion Section
檢驗科 Laboratory Section
食品衛生科 Food Safety Section
行政科 General Affairs Section
人事室 Personnel Section
會計室 Accounting Section
政風室 Civil Service Ethics Section
長期照顧管理中心 Long-term Care Center
疫情通報系統 epidemic alert system
傳染病 infectious disease
醫藥分業政策 separation of prescribing and dispensing policy
公共衛生 public sanitation
傳染病防治  infectious disease control
外籍勞工健康管理 foreign labor health management
預防接種 preventive vaccination
營業衛生管理 management of public sanitation in the business sector
衛生企劃 health planning
研考 research and evaluation
衛生所 public health center
緊急救護 emergency medical care
精神衛生 mental health
身心障礙者鑑定 evaluation of mental and physical disabilities
醫療護產機構 management of medical and nursing institutions
長期照護 long-term care affairs
性侵害防治 sexual assault prevention
全民健康保險 national health insurance
藥局 pharmacy
藥商 pharmacist
藥物 drug
化妝品 cosmetics
菸害防制及宣導 tobacco hazard prevention
婦幼衛生 healthcare for mothers and infants
家庭計畫 family planning
中老年病防治 healthcare for the middle aged and the elderly
職業病防治 occupational health
癌症防治 Prevention and treatment of cancer
地方病防治 endemic disease
衛生教育 health education
公共衛生檢驗 inspections and laboratory testing related to public sanitation
食品衛生管理 food safety management
國民營養 nutrition for citizens
健康食品管理 management of dietary supplements
社區健康營造 Development of a community-based healthcare services system
整合性社區健康篩檢 Integrated community health check-up services
中老年病防治業務 Healthcare for the middle aged and the elderly
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